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Submit Style

If you want to submit your style to colorizeit.com styles database, you can upload it to one of predefined categories.

Submitting your style to styles database will make it available for everyone. Style will not be available immediately, it has to pass validation.

There are limitations on what you can upload to colorizeit styles database:
- Because style will be available to public, it must be complete, bug free and must work with latest version of software.
- It should not be a simple modification of someone else's styles. Low quality modications will not be allowed.
- You can upload only styles that you have designed.
- All styles should be in English or have English language pack.
- Style should not be encoded/obfuscated and should not include links to unrelated websites (so you cannot put links of your sponsors or advertizing). Such styles are considered to be spam and will not pass validation.

Please select category where you want to upload your style:

Forum Styles
- phpBB Styles
- - phpBB 3.1 styles (15 styles)
- - Prosilver based 3.0 styles (136 styles)
- - Subsilver2 based 3.0 styles (54 styles)
- - Mobile phpBB 3.0 styles (2 styles)
- XenForo Styles (13 styles)

If you cannot find a category for your style, you can suggest a new one. Please post your suggestions to suggestions forum.

Custom Upload

Click here if you want to colorize your style WITHOUT submitting it to styles database.

Unlike submission to styles database, you will be able to edit style immediately and it will not be validated, allowing you to colorize custom and commercial styles. However, you'll need to create and upload sample image.