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Are you looking for a new style for your forum? Have you found one that you like, but its color scheme doesn't fit your website? With ColorizeIt you can easily change that style's color scheme to match colors of your website.

ColorizeIt is an online color scheme editor for forum styles, blog themes and website templates. With only few simple clicks you can change color scheme of any phpBB, XenForo, SMF or vBulletin style without editing any images or files.

How does it work?

Move slider to change color

It is very simple. On the left side of editor you can see colors that you can change (blue box on the right), on the right from it is a slider (on the right from blue box).

You can click slider to change colors. On the right side (see image on far right) you can see a sample image. It shows what style will look like.

Download style

Below set of sliders you will see a button to download style. Click it, wait for few seconds and ColorizeIt will send you a zip file that contains selected style with your custom color scheme.

To see it in action, click "colorize" button for any style below.

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There are many styles available on ColorizeIt for you to choose from. Select category below to browse styles by categories or use a search form to find styles.

You can also browse styles by popular tags:

If you would like to submit a style to ColorizeIt styles database, follow this link.

If you would like to colorize your own style without submitting it to styles database, click button below.

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16 Jan 2012: New module for XenForo styles. (read more)

11 Jan 2012: Website has new layout. Tutorial has been added to editor. (read more)

07 Dec 2011: New feature: colorize your own style. (read more)

19 Jun 2011: New module for SMF themes. (read more)

14 Jun 2011: Advanced integration is now free. (read more)

30 May 2011: New styles parser. ColorizeIt now parses some images in browser, so it can parse images of any size and will never time out. (read more)

25 May 2011: Fixed error that was causing incorrect color changes for nearest colors. Also new option to select amount of nearest colors is available in editor. (read more)

24 May 2011: There have been many changes. New layout, integration, rss, module for drupal and other changes. See forum topic for full list. (read more)

17 May 2011: Advanced integration is available. (read more)

14 May 2011: Many editor improvements and color scheme bookmarks. (read more)

12 Apr 2011: New editor feature: Undo changes. (read more)

Older news are available in news section of support forum.